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ASN.1 encoding tutorial


Recently I in my work I had to encode an Inap (to be more precise – Sinap) content “by hand”. It’s not a rocket science however when you need to repeat this action several times it’s worth to prepare an “automatic” solution.

Input data

As an imput I have description of Furnish Charging Information in ASN.1:

Ok, how to read it? (S)INAP message FurnishChargingInformation has an argument FurnishChargingInformationArg which is eqal to FCIBillingChargingCharacteristics. FCIBillingChargingCharacteristics is a limited size octet string.


How to disable and remove usbecm2 device from Solaris 11 server

After fresh installation of T4-1 server, I’ve noticed a network interface which I didn’t expect – the usbecm2:


Wireshark 1.6.1 does not start on Solaris 10

Fresh installation of Solaris 10 and wireshark (from just cannot start:


Quick and dirty solution:


Works but do you have any other ideas?


Application Context Name (ACN)

(link) List of most popular Intelligent Network ACSs

The application context (AC) is the mechanism for identifying the protocol and the protocol version of an application part (AP). The object identifier is used to assign a globally unique identifier to a protocol object, such as an AC for CAP. When the gsmSSF starts the CAMEL service, by sending the initial DP operation to the SCP, it includes the AC in the service invocation request.R.Noldus, CAMEL: Intelligent Networks for the GSM, GPRS and UMTS Network