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A MacOS application to grab an argument and set system Clipboard as per argument text.

How it works?

Under the hood it’s invoking pbcopy as below:


if [[ -z "$1" ]]
  osascript -e 'display notification "Nothing copied!" with title "Param2Clipboard"'
	echo "$1" | pbcopy
	osascript -e 'display notification "Parameter copied to the Clipboard!" with title "Param2Clipboard"'

The script has been wrapped into MacOS app using Platypus:


Eventually, registered required URL Types in Info.plist. Unfortunately, it was a manual process which has to be repeated every time when a new app is created using Platypus:


Why created?

Created to improve workflow when opening Microsoft Skype or Lync meetings.

Flow I’m using:


Broswer Fairy configuration

In order to capture opening of Skype/Lync URLs, I’m using Browser Fairy which is registered as a default app to open all URLs. Each URL is matched against defined list of patters and if a Skype URL is detected, the URL is passed to Param2Clipboard app.



Withings to Garmin Connect – resurrection

After dropping “legacy” APIs on Withings page, the script stopped to work…

It took quite a while to adjust it to OAuth2 but finally – it’s done!

Go to to download the script.


  • Based on withings-garmin by Masayuki Hamasaki, improved to support SSO authorization in Garmin Connect 2.
  • SSO authorization derived from


$ sudo easy_install requests
  • simplejson
$ sudo easy_install simplejson


Usage: $python [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --garmin-username=<user>, --gu=<user>
                        username to login Garmin Connect.
  --garmin-password=<pass>, --gp=<pass>
                        password to login Garmin Connect.
  -f <date>, --fromdate=<date>
  -t <date>, --todate=<date>
  --no-upload           Won't upload to Garmin Connect and output binary-
                        string to stdout.
  -v, --verbose         Run verbosely

Obtaining Withings Authorization Code

When running for a very first time, you need to obtain Withings authorization:

$ ./ -f 2019-01-25 -v
Can't read config file config/withings_user.json
*         W A R N I N G               *

User interaction needed to get Authentification Code from Withings!

Open the following URL in your web browser and copy back the token. You will have *30 seconds* before the token expires. HURRY UP!
(This is one-time activity)

Token : _

You need to visit the URL listed by the script and then – copy Authentification Code back to the prompt.

This is one-time activity and it will not be needed to repeat.


You can hardcode your usernames and passwords in the script (


For advanced users – registering own Withings application

The script has been registered as a Withings application and got assigned Client ID and Consumer Secret. If you wish to create your own application – feel free!

Note, registering it is quite cumbersome, as you need to have a callback URL and an Icon. Anyway, when done, you should have the following identifiers:

Client ID183e03.................765c98c10e8f1aa647a37067a1......baf491626
Consumer Secreta75d65.................4c16719ef7bd69fa7c5d3fd0ea......ed48f1765
Callback URI

Configure them in config/withings_app.json, for example:

    "callback_url": "",
    "client_id": "183e0******0b3551f96765c98c1******b64bbbaf491626",
    "consumer_secret": "a75d65******1df1514c16719ef7bd69fa7*****2e2b0ed48f1765"

Shrinking VirtualBox VMs

This article is note to self, as I just gather information from other sites: