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How to enable R environment in Golden Cheetah on Mac?

Somehow I couldn’t find a complete guide how to install R and configure it properly in Golden Cheetah (I’m using v3.5).

There is a good guide how to work with R in GC, but actually – no description how to enable it.

1. Download R for MacOS

I got it from page

(I’ve also installed R Studio but it seems not really needed)

2. Check where R home is located

In terminal, start R and check the home:

It’s /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources in my environment.

3. In GC open Preferences and set the same in R Installation Directory


A MacOS application to grab an argument and set system Clipboard as per argument text.

How it works?

Under the hood it’s invoking pbcopy as below:


if [[ -z "$1" ]]
  osascript -e 'display notification "Nothing copied!" with title "Param2Clipboard"'
	echo "$1" | pbcopy
	osascript -e 'display notification "Parameter copied to the Clipboard!" with title "Param2Clipboard"'

The script has been wrapped into MacOS app using Platypus:


Eventually, registered required URL Types in Info.plist. Unfortunately, it was a manual process which has to be repeated every time when a new app is created using Platypus:


Why created?

Created to improve workflow when opening Microsoft Skype or Lync meetings.

Flow I’m using:


Broswer Fairy configuration

In order to capture opening of Skype/Lync URLs, I’m using Browser Fairy which is registered as a default app to open all URLs. Each URL is matched against defined list of patters and if a Skype URL is detected, the URL is passed to Param2Clipboard app.



Shrinking VirtualBox VMs

This article is note to self, as I just gather information from other sites:

PlantronicsHub – major memory leak?

I’ve noticed that process SpokesUpdateService  is promoted to the top of my Memory list. Here an example which I captured today (just 24hrs after my last reboot) but on the other day I’ve seen 2.4 GB wasted:

It turned out to be part of PlantronicsHub software. I will disable to for a while an see how it will behave.

bash-4.4$ sudo launchctl remove com.PlantronicsUpdateService

Note: need to find out how to prevent starting this after every reboot.

References to other guys reporting very same:

  • I’ve opened Plantronics Case 06390520: ref:_00D507IyW._50038xj5MQ:ref


Update 2018-08-21

This message I got from Plantronics Support:

Dear Jaroslaw,


Please update the hub to 3.11.2 this should solve the issue you were experiencing.

Please let me know how it goes.

The case number for your reference is 06390520. If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

Kind regards


Technical Support

I’ve upgraded to 3.11.2, will see 😀

How to workaround MacBook Pro 2017 scroll lag

Another embarrassing problem with my MBP: when scrolling in e.g. Chrome, Safari or actually – any other window, there is annoying lag. When you scroll continuously, it’s more or less fine, but when you pause to read and then want to scroll, it stutters.

After a bit checking here and there, it turned out that if I increased keyboard backlight timeout from 5 seconds to 1 minute, the problem has been worked around!

Well done Apple, well done‼