Withings to Garmin Connect – resurrection

After dropping “legacy” APIs on Withings page, the script stopped to work…

It took quite a while to adjust it to OAuth2 but finally – it’s done!

Go to https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/withings-garmin-v2 to download the script.


  • Based on withings-garmin by Masayuki Hamasaki, improved to support SSO authorization in Garmin Connect 2.
  • SSO authorization derived from https://github.com/cpfair/tapiriik


  • simplejson


Obtaining Withings Authorization Code

When running for a very first time, you need to obtain Withings authorization:

You need to visit the URL listed by the script and then – copy Authentification Code back to the prompt.

This is one-time activity and it will not be needed to repeat.


You can hardcode your usernames and passwords in the script (sync.py):

For advanced users – registering own Withings application

The script has been registered as a Withings application and got assigned Client ID and Consumer Secret. If you wish to create your own application – feel free!

Note, registering it is quite cumbersome, as you need to have a callback URL and an Icon. Anyway, when done, you should have the following identifiers:

Client ID183e03.................765c98c10e8f1aa647a37067a1......baf491626
Consumer Secreta75d65.................4c16719ef7bd69fa7c5d3fd0ea......ed48f1765
Callback URIhttps://jhartman.pl/withings/notify

Configure them in config/withings_app.json, for example:

Withings to Garmin Connect – resurrection
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2 thoughts on “Withings to Garmin Connect – resurrection

  • 2019-02-26 at 13:36

    I am so happy I found this! It works perfectly thank you very much! I am moving slowly from withings to garmin and this is excellent to be able to incorporate withings scale to garmin connect.

    Do you think, it would be possible to connect the blood pressure measurements? Or maybe Garmin doesn’t have that information in their dashboards.

    Anyway thanks a lot!

    • 2019-02-26 at 13:52

      Hi Richard,

      I’m glad you found this tool useful!

      I’m not aware of any option for Blood Pressure measurements in Garmin. I’m referring mainly to this link in Garmin forum.

      Best regards,


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