My fight with OpenSS7


One day I’ve invented that it would be nice to play with real SS7 stack. The only available I’ve found is OpenSS7

Day 1 – 30/04/2009

Compiling from source files – failed. Somehow it breaks on my Fedora Core 10:

Google research didn’t help…

Next try with precompiled packages: i’ve installed proper repo for yum:

Shiii…. – again failure:

The problem seems to be rpm package installed on Fedora Core 10 in version 4.6 (notice that OpenSS7 binaries are targeting FC9)…

Next idea – compile rpm 4.4 from the source and put missing libraries into /usr/lib manually….

Nop…. bad idea. Small hint – do not try to force downgrade rpm! I spent 2 hours trying install rpm without rpm (and of course – without yum).

Finally – I gave up. Installed Fedora Core 9 on my VMWare and… still problems:

That’s all for today 🙁

To be continued…. I hope

My fight with OpenSS7

One thought on “My fight with OpenSS7

  • 2018-12-05 at 10:01

    Hey, Jarek.

    Thanks for your blog insights. They’re all very interesting.

    Did you have any more luck getting OpenSS7 going since your initial attempt? I am about to embark on a project that will make heavy use of it and I wondered if you had any more insights.

    One thing that would be useful to know from you is whether OpenSS7 implements its own internal ASN.1 encoder/decoder successfully or whether an external one is required.




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