Alfred 3 workflow – Time Zone

Do you like Alfred? I like too… I’ve recently found bunch of very nice Workflows. For me, the most used one is for sure Time Zone.

The workflow has been created by Mr Carlos from New Zealand and published on the Alfred Forum. I’ve enhanced the workflow by adding a few new functionalities:




  • Migration to Alfred 3
  • Converting any time to all pre-defined time zones
  • Enabling 24-hrs time format
  • Displaying phone country code

After all it looks like below:

Conversion of a time in your local time to your pre-defined time-zones – “tz <time>” in formats HH, HHMM or HH:MM:

CarlosNZ, thanks for this great tool!

Workflow can be downloaded from here: Alfred-TimeZones

Alfred 3 workflow – Time Zone
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2 thoughts on “Alfred 3 workflow – Time Zone

    • 2017-05-29 at 15:12

      Thanks, but in fact, all the credit needs to go to Carlos 🙂



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