Blackberry upgrade using Macbook Pro and VMware / Parallels

My advice to you if you ever would like to upgrade your Blackberry mobile using Windows on a virtual machine running on MacBook Pro running MacOS X 10.6:

Don’t do this!

And it does not matter if it’s VMware Fusion or Parallels (I’ve tested both). It failed to me and I had semi-bricked BB 8900.

It was not possible to recover it – neither using Blackberry Desktop, BBSAK. Nothing was working – upgrade always stops during Uploading RAM Image in AppLoader. Google said nothing concluding.

But to be honest – it gave me one significant hit – some people said that it was frozen after the same step on one laptop and when doing the same on any other laptop – magically – it worked! I lost one day trying to solve this problem when doing it via VMWare Fusion. One guy reported that on Parallels is fine; after downloading Parellels and converting my VMware vmachine to Parallesl format – I discovered that it’s not a solution at all. But finally I gave up and totally lost my faith to Apple – I just reinstalled Windows on my old IBM laptop. And guess what? On native Windows it upgraded in 15 minutes! Oh my god!

MacOS + (VMware|Parallels) + Blackberry + Firmware upgrade = Evil

Tested on:

  • Macbook Pro
  • VMWare Fusion 3 / Parallels 6
  • Blacberry Desktop 6 for Windows

My life was saved by:

  • IBM R60e
  • Windows XP

I love my MBP but it’s not always the best 🙂

PS: Please leave a comment if it helped you a bit.

Blackberry upgrade using Macbook Pro and VMware / Parallels
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