Month: December 2016

Alfred 3 workflow – Time Zones

Do you like Alfred? I like too… I’ve recently found bunch of very nice Workflows. For me, the most used one is for sure Time Zone.

The workflow has been created by Mr Carlos from New Zealand and published on the Alfred Forum. I’ve enhanced the workflow by adding a few new functionalities:




  • Migration to Alfred 3
  • Converting any time to all pre-defined time zones
  • Enabling 24-hrs time format
  • Displaying phone country code

After all it looks like below:

Conversion of a time in your local time to your pre-defined time-zones – “tz <time>” in formats HH, HHMM or HH:MM:

CarlosNZ, thanks for this great tool!

Workflow can be downloaded from here: Alfred-TimeZones


NoSQL: Exiting inner Replica loop with exception

$ cd /opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/kvroot/ECEStore/log
$ (for i in $(ls rg*-rn*_0.log); do tail -200 $i |  grep "Originally thrown by HA thread" | awk '{ print "java  -jar $KVHOME/lib/je.jar DbTruncateLog -h " $3 " -f " $69 " -o " $71}' | sed 's/.jdb,//g' | sed 's/,//g' | sed 's/rg.*-rn.*(.*)\://g'; done ) | sort | uniq
java  -jar $KVHOME/lib/je.jar DbTruncateLog -h /opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/u01/rg2-rn5/env -f 00000000 -o 0x3bab9f7
java  -jar $KVHOME/lib/je.jar DbTruncateLog -h /opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/u02/rg1-rn5/env -f 00000000 -o 0x307779c


If a NoSQL Storage Node is not running for a while, after startup it may complaining:

2016-11-17 13:22:34.934 UTC WARNING [admin1] JE: Exiting inner Replica loop with exception (JE 6.4.15) 1(1):/opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/kvroot/ECEStore/sn1/admin1/env Node 1(1):/opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/kvroot/ECEStore/sn1/admin1/env must rollback 41 commits to the earliest point indicated by transaction id=-392 time=2016-11-17 14:18:53.969 vlsn=884 lsn=0x0/0x6e4be1 in order to rejoin the replication group, but the transaction rollback limit of 10 prohibits this. Either increase the property je.rep.txnRollbackLimit to a value larger than 10 to permit automatic rollback, or manually remove the problematic transactions. To do a manual removal, truncate the log to file 00000000.jdb, offset 0x6e4944, vlsn 881 using the directions in &nbsp;ROLLBACK_PROHIBITED: Node would like to roll back past committed transactions, but would exceed the limit specified by je.rep.txnRollbackLimit. Manual intervention required. Environment is invalid and must be closed.


From Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 and… finally at WordPress

Website update & engine refreshment (announced in Changes, changes post) took me really a lot of time (it might be 12-18 months or so). For whole this time I was scratching my head how to migrate old Drupal 6 with plenty of dirty configs to the latest & greatest version.

I’ve had plenty of attempts for migration, including Drush, Drupal migration plugin, even manual (!!) – in each of them, the result was not really satisfying:


  • Content and formatting was not migrating correctly
  • Multi-language pages made the migration tools totally confused

Time was flying and I couldn’t run away from buggy and insecure D6.


Warehouse demolition nearby Hrubieszowska Street in Warsaw

As prices for the ground nearby my office are skyrocketing (mainly because of Underground station built in the neighborhood), the landlord decided to demolish and old warehouse. Most likely another offices sky-scrapper will be placed there.


Changes, changes…

After years, significants changes on the site:

  • New domain! Finally, I managed to get my personal domain hence I’m not tied to
  • It turned out that it’s easier to migrate my old Drupal 6 to WordPress rather than to Drupal 8. Therefore I’m now on the new engine and so far I’m pretty happy
  • Attempted to AdSense, however Google is pretty picky and I’m not really sure if I will get approval

Curriculum Vitae

Country Location

Poland, Warsaw


Jarek (Jarosław) Hartman is a Solution Architect who joined Oracle in July 2010.

He is a member of the EMEA Architects Community within the Communications Global Business Unit (CGBU).

Jarek has more than [insert_php] echo date(“Y”)-2002; [/insert_php] years of experience in the Telecommunication industry, with [insert_php] echo date(“Y”)-2008; [/insert_php]  years of technical management experience in the implementation of Intelligent Networking and Online Charging systems.

Over the years, he worked with a large variety of clients in different countries, and successfully delivered projects across the region. During this process Jarek acquired a full life cycle experience in overall technical project scoping, planning, requirements gathering, solution architecture design, staging, configuration, testing, performance testing, tuning, deployment, network integration, migration and go-live of software for the Telecommunication industry.

Key strengths include: analytical and troubleshooting skills; strong performance both individually as in a team; self-motivated and disciplined; open and eager to learn about new technologies, paradigms and developments and open for travel.

Jarek holds a Masters degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland (2002), and speaks Polish and English.