NoSQL: Exiting inner Replica loop with exception

If a NoSQL Storage Node is not running for a while, after startup it may complaining:

2016-11-17 13:22:34.934 UTC WARNING [admin1] JE: Exiting inner Replica loop with exception (JE 6.4.15) 1(1):/opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/kvroot/ECEStore/sn1/admin1/env Node 1(1):/opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/kvroot/ECEStore/sn1/admin1/env must rollback 41 commits to the earliest point indicated by transaction id=-392 time=2016-11-17 14:18:53.969 vlsn=884 lsn=0x0/0x6e4be1 in order to rejoin the replication group, but the transaction rollback limit of 10 prohibits this. Either increase the property je.rep.txnRollbackLimit to a value larger than 10 to permit automatic rollback, or manually remove the problematic transactions. To do a manual removal, truncate the log to file 00000000.jdb, offset 0x6e4944, vlsn 881 using the directions in  ROLLBACK_PROHIBITED: Node would like to roll back past committed transactions, but would exceed the limit specified by je.rep.txnRollbackLimit. Manual intervention required. Environment is invalid and must be closed.

After examining the, suggested way to fix the problem turned out to be:

  • stop the SN
  • execute java  -jar $KVHOME/lib/je.jar DbTruncateLog -h /opt/ece/data/nosql/storage2/kvroot/ECEStore/sn1/admin1/env -f 00000000 -o 0x6e4944 (obviously, exact parameters depends on the situation, check the log for detail)

NoSQL: Exiting inner Replica loop with exception

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