Month: January 2020

Withings to Garmin tool going beyond! TrainerRoad syncing

As I’m user of cycling training platform TrainerRoad, the tool has been expanded to support weight synchronisation to TrainerRoad profile.

To use, specify Trainer Road user and passwords as shown below:


Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --garmin-username=<user>, --gu=<user>
                        username to login Garmin Connect.
  --garmin-password=<pass>, --gp=<pass>
                        password to login Garmin Connect.
  --trainerroad-username=<user>, --tu=<user>
                        username to login TrainerRoad.
  --trainerroad-password=<user>, --tp=<user>
                        username to login TrainerRoad.
  -f <date>, --fromdate=<date>
  -t <date>, --todate=<date>
  --no-upload           Won't upload to Garmin Connect and output binary-
                        strings to stdout.
  -v, --verbose         Run verbosely

As always – for download, best go to GitHub