Month: March 2019

Prometheus Node Exporter /lib/init/init-d-script: /usr/bin/daemon: not found

After Ubuntu upgrade 18.04 -> 18.10, Prometheus Node Exporter started to complain:

Fix for this is quite easy – just install missing dependency:

After that daemon can be started:


A MacOS application to grab an argument and set system Clipboard as per argument text.

How it works?

Under the hood it’s invoking pbcopy as below:

The script has been wrapped into MacOS app using Platypus:


Eventually, registered required URL Types in Info.plist. Unfortunately, it was a manual process which has to be repeated every time when a new app is created using Platypus:


Why created?

Created to improve workflow when opening Microsoft Skype or Lync meetings.

Flow I’m using:


Broswer Fairy configuration

In order to capture opening of Skype/Lync URLs, I’m using Browser Fairy which is registered as a default app to open all URLs. Each URL is matched against defined list of patters and if a Skype URL is detected, the URL is passed to Param2Clipboard app.